Colour Mirrors Bottles

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Click on one of the Colour Mirrors Bottles you wish to purchase and you will be taken to another screen, which contains information on the bottle meaning and price.

It would be very tempting to purchase the bottle for the meaning.  However, it would benefit you far more to work intuitively and be guided to the bottle which you are naturally drawn to. Go for the bottle which jumps out at you or which may look larger and / or bolder!

Enjoy the process and TRUST that the bottle you are naturally drawn to is the perfect one for you!

Colour Mirrors Oil Bottles

  • 1. The Sun - I Am (Yellow / Yellow)

    Yellow is the colour of intellect, brightness, light and joy. This bottle helps clear confusion and fear and connects you with your I AMness - your true power.

  • 2. The Moon - I Feel (Pale Blue / Royal Blue)

    This bottle is helpful for difficulties with communication and making yourself heard. Blue is the colour of peace, protection and connection with the Angelic realms.

  • 3. Jupiter (Coral / Coral)

    This bottle indicates a shift from old patterns of giving power away, to fearlessly reclaiming who you are and what you are for.

  • 4. Uranus (Yellow / Deep Turquoise)

    This is the time to let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth.

  • 5. Mercury (Green / Pale Green)

    The number five is about dealing with issues of discipline and freedom. These colours signify change and new beginnings and are about letting go of all the masks.

  • 6. Venus (Pink / Pink)

    Pink is the colour of unconditional love. The more you are able to love yourself, the more abundant and love-filled your life will be.

  • 7. Neptune (Turquoise / Deep Turquoise)

    This is a time to trust that miracles can happen and that you are on the brink of something wonderful. Trust the process – it works.

  • 8. Saturn (Pale Violet / Deep Violet)

    Saturn brings gifts when you stop judging yourself and helps you to overcome feelings of restriction and burden.

  • 9. Mars (Red / Orange)

    Mars is your fire energy. Use it to change what needs changing and say what needs saying rather than holding grudges that endlessly play in your head as “I should have said”.

  • 10. Wheel of Fortune (Gold / Olive)

    It is time to access your inner wisdom. Trust your heart as you stand before changes in your life. You have everything you need.

  • 11. Duality (Deep Magenta / Clear)

    Hidden in these colours are the answers to issues of separation. This is where you finally let go of your judgment of God and yourself as an aspect of God.

  • 12. Heaven on Earth (Violet / Red)

    What is keeping you from living heaven on earth? Use this bottle and let it show you the core belief is that is keeping you from living your perfect life.

  • 13. Transformation - Pluto (Dark Violet / Pale Violet)

    This bottle is about being able to go through the dark night of the soul and come out stronger. Helps release grief and is a powerful support for anyone going through huge transformation.

  • 14. Movement (Pale Turquoise / Pale Turquoise)

    Relates to the media, publishing, television, internet and communication with the public. Expect the unexpected. The sanctuary you are seeking is at hand.

  • 15. Magician (Olive / Olive)

    Magic based on feminine power. Hope for the future. The magician is the bringer of heaven to earth because he has owned his power to co-create. This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  • 16. The Tower (Olive / Lilac)

    This bottle says you are being taken seriously as a spiritual being having a human experience, and wherever change takes you it will always be perfect.

  • 17. The Wish (Coral / Royal Blue)

    This is a time when all you wish for can become real. This bottle is an indication of a new phase in your life or a change of status e.g., marriage, a new career, huge new possibilities.

  • 18. Spiritual and Material Conflict (Red / Rose Pink)

    This is a difficult vibration because it denotes confusion and a struggle. Notice what blocks you from bringing heaven to earth and where you still betray yourself by not believing that you are Divine.

  • 19. Buddhic Bliss (Pale Magenta / Pale Gold)

    You have come through the dark night of the soul and now it is time to own the blessings of joy and love. You are the power in your life.

  • 20. Awakening (Magenta / Copper)

    The awakening is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation. The Divine is in everything.

  • 21. The Key (Gold / Yellow)

    Traditionally at 21 you are given a key to the door. This is the end of a cycle and you have come of age. You are now fully responsible for what you create and how your life unfolds.

  • 22. Forgiveness (Deep Magenta / Pale Magenta)

    Magenta relates to Divine love: this is a time to let go and let God. These colours are strongly indicative of a healer’s journey and ask you to finally forgive.

  • 23. Initiation (Royal Blue / Royal Blue)

    This bottle indicates an initiation successfully completed. It is time to step out of the darkness and back into the light, where all that you have learnt can be used to teach others.

  • 24. Love, Money & Creativity (Pale Magenta / Pale Olive)

    Now is the time to own the blessings of love, money and creativity in your life and the gifts of the past that brought you here.

  • 25. Trust (Turquoise / Yellow)

    This is the time to move beyond judgement. Begin to see how the flow and your faith have always taken you exactly where you needed to be. Be at peace with life.

  • 26. Partnerships (Magenta / Olive Green)

    This is not an easy vibration, and the main lesson is to stand on your own two feet. Let go of anger and resentment; this is a time for radical forgiveness.

  • 27. Harvest (Orange / Gold)

    Having sown in the most positive sense, you can now bring in the harvest. You and your higher self are becoming one and co-creating a magical reality. This is your time.

  • 28. New Beginnings (Yellow / Pale Turquoise)

    This bottle will help you create the reality that serves you best. You cannot fight or panic it into being better, you can only love it into joy. These colours bring trust, laughter and a sense of fun.

  • 29. Grace Under Pressure (Deep Turquoise / Deep Magenta)

    This is the path of the master. You will only do life in this way if you have chosen a path of accelerated healing and learning. Step into grace. All the debts are paid and you are free.

  • 30. Creativity (Deep Turquoise / Pale Turquoise)

    This bottle is related to writers and artists who need time by themselves to let their creativity grow. Set boundaries to your space and time and do something creative, for that is how you feed your soul.

  • 31. Hermit (Pale Green / Deep Green)

    This bottle is about badly needing your own space and boundaries. It indicates that you are overwhelmed and need time out to rest and reflect.

  • 32. Communication (Royal Blue / Olive Green)

    Your time of being 'seen and not heard' is over - now you can speak your truth. This is the perfect time to manifest your plans.

  • 33. Love & Magic (Pale Pink / Rose Pink)

    Pink is the colour of unconditional love and self-acceptance, and your ability to love yourself is your greatest gift or lesson. Love yourself and your whole universe will conspire to prove how right you are.

  • 34. The Whale (Pale Turquoise / Blue)

    These colours are about a shift in consciousness where you are asked to finally have complete faith that you are on purpose, in line with the greater will and perfectly on track.

  • 35 The Inner Guide (Pale Lilac Blue / Pale Green)

    This bottle ultimately creates peace on all levels. It helps to resolve sibling rivalry and inner conflict.

  • 36 The Gateway (Blue-Lilac / Blue-Lilac)

    This is the ending of a cycle in your life. It is time to step through the gateway into a new way of being and doing.

  • C1. Base Chakra (Coral / Red)

    This bottle helps unblock base chakra issues, calms anger and is supportive in relationship difficulties. Helps you ground and prepare to take action.

  • C2. Sacral Chakra (Gold / Orange)

    This bottle is beneficial for trauma, loss of power and anywhere you are feeling abused. Very calming after a shock.

  • C3. Solar Plexus (Olive Green / Yellow)

    This bottle is beneficial if you are experiencing fear, anxiety or confusion. Supportive when you are feeling low.

  • C4. Heart Chakra (Turquoise / Green)

    This bottle helps when suffering from heartache and relationship difficulties. Useful when you need to express your feelings and get in touch with your heart.

  • C5. Throat Chakra (Royal Blue / Blue)

    This bottle relates to communication and trust and is helpful for stress, sleeping issues and nightmares. Supports you in speaking up.

  • C6. Third Eye Chakra (Violet / Royal Blue)

    This bottle puts you in touch with your inner knowing and is helpful when you have difficulty trusting your intuition. It is supportive in overcoming grief and loss.

  • C7. Crown Chakra (Magenta / Violet)

    This bottle helps activate the gift of healing and asks you to own your power as a healer. It awakens your ability to accept Divine love.

  • C8. Higher Crown Chakra - The Bridge (Pink / Magenta)

    This bottle is about creating a deeper, stronger connection with your soul. It is helpful when experiencing existential grief and is a powerful support for your inner child.

  • C9. Base Chakra - The Lightbody (Clear / Clear)

    This bottle indicates a need to make a decision in your life and helps bring the light of clarity into any situation. Step into the light and feel the joy.

  • C10. Sacral Chakra - Suchness (Orange / Rose Pink)

    Rose pink brings love into the issues of abuse to which orange relates. It aligns you with your soul, which never thought you were abused – it knew you were in a process of learning and healing.

  • C11. Solar Plexus Chakra - Wisdom (Gold / Gold)

    This bottle is an incredible support for fear, panic attacks and phobias. It helps you step into your authentic power and claim your wisdom.

  • C12. Heart Chakra - Love (Lilac / Pink)

    This bottle unites your heart with your spirit and relates to oneness and unconditional love.

  • C13. Throat Chakra - I Speak My Spirit (Blue Violet / Blue Violet)

    This bottle is a mixture of the blue of communication and the violet of spirituality. It helps you appreciate the perfection of each moment.

  • C14. Third Eye Chakra - Vision (Gold / Clear)

    This bottle brings light into the energy centre of the third eye, clearing away fear and replacing it with clarity and truth.

  • C15. Crown Chakra - Crystal Being (Clear / Lilac)

    This bottle indicates that you have a clear connection to your spirit. Your gifts include lightness, clarity and the ability to emanate a high frequency of light. You are truly ready to be of service.

  • G1. Incarnating (Clear / Copper)

    The message in this bottle is that if you have been unhappy on earth, you can now feel deeply connected with Gaia. Assists in releasing difficult past lives.

  • G2. The Core (Copper / Copper)

    This bottle is a great support for those who have never felt at home on the earth. It nourishes even the most jaded soul and brings warmth, hope and healing.

  • G3. Return from Atlantis (Copper / Turquoise)

    This bottle relates to past lives in Atlantis. It also helps heal past life trauma through a death by drowning and is supportive for anyone who feels unsafe on the planet.

  • G4. Ancient Mother (Pink / Copper)

    This bottle helps release issues you are holding about your physical mother or Gaia, your earth mother. Assists in healing childhood wounds.

  • G5. Earth Wisdom (Gold / Copper)

    This is a time for the masculine and the feminine to come back into balance. Find the golden wisdom in your connection with the earth and expand your creative capacities.

  • G6. The Goddess Awakens (Copper / Olive)

    The main message in this bottle is that the difficult times are over as you reconnect with your powerful inner female energy. Begin to feel the joy.

  • G7. Gaia and The Elohim (Pale Copper / Clear)

    This is where you start to really live your spirituality on the planet. This bottle says you do not have to choose between being spiritual and materially abundant. You can be both.

  • G8. Illumination (Deep Magenta / Deep Magenta)

    This bottle supports you in embracing your inner darkness so that you can return to the truth of your light. Let it help you clear unconscious blocks and return to clarity.

  • G9 Faith (Turquoise / Pale Gold)

    This bottle reconnects you to the flow and the knowledge that everything is on track and part of the Divine plan.

  • G10 Impeccability (Pale Gold / Blue Lilac)

    Impeccability means accepting and honouring every aspect of who you are and being clear and honest with yourself. It is not about living up to a false standard of perfection, rather it is about seeing the perfection that already exists.

  • G11 Generosity (Pale Coral / Pale Gold)

    Coral is unconditional self-acceptance and pale gold is your connection to your authentic Divine self. This combination reconnects you to who you really are.

  • G12 I Am (Pale Gold / Pale Gold)

    Choosing this bottle means you are ready to release any beliefs which keep you small and limited and align instead with your 'I AMness’, that greater part of you who is fearless, ancient and wise.

  • G13 Grace (Pale Gold / Pale Pink)

    This delicate colour combination reminds you that only love exists and that everything you have experienced was chosen by you as an expression of Divine love. Step into grace and forgive yourself.

  • G14 Ascension Light (Pale Gold / Clear)

    This bottle attracts people who have a crystalline energy. It shines its light on everything that is illusionary, dispelling falsehood and leaving only the clarity of truth.

  • G15 Satori (Solid Gold / Magenta)

    This bottle makes your connection with your Divine self a solid reality. It no longer floats above you as a thought or a wish. It settles the truth into your cells that you are Divine.

  • G16 Serenity (Pale Coral / Platinum)

    This bottle brings a wave of unconditional self-acceptance and sublime serenity as you let go of struggle, relax into the flow of the universe and allow everything to unfold with ease and grace.

  • G17 Elohim (Platinum / Gold)

    This bottle helps you know beyond any doubt that everything is perfect – including you. It is time to recognise the gold within you as an absolute fact.

  • G18 Limitless (Pale Turquoise / Platinum)

    This bottle opens you to a state of Divine flow and connection where all limits can be removed. Now is the time to find out who you truly are, what you are capable of and what you most desire.

  • G19 Om (Platinum / Platinum)

    Om is complete oneness with all that exists. This is the clearing of fear-based human DNA and the activation of love-based Divine DNA.

  • G20 Abode of Bliss (Platinum / Pale Green)

    The 'Abode of Bliss' is the meeting point of head and heart, spirit and matter, human and Divine. This bottle asks you to keep your feet firmly planted on the earth, while also recognising that you are a vast Divine being.

  • G21 The Beloved (Platinum / Magenta)

    The name of this bottle says it all: You are beloved. You are loved and always have been. Let yourself feel the truth of this.

  • G22 Sacred Mystery (Platinum / Olive)

    These colours tap into the pure power and love of All That Is. Feel the joy of recognising that everything in existence is sacred and the true power that comes when you surrender to the profound mystery of life.

  • G23 Acceptance (Clear / Pale Coral)

    With this bottle you connect to the innocent joy of being yourself, without pretence or apology. This is the level of acceptance that brings true peace and freedom.

  • G24 Reconnection (Pale Coral / Copper)

    The name of this bottle is 'Reconnection', which implies that you were always connected – you just allowed yourself to forget for a time. This bottle encourages you to release whatever limits you and reconnect with all that feeds your soul.

  • G25 Integration (Pale Coral / Pale Coral)

    If you have been on a steep learning curve or going through an intense time of personal or spiritual growth, this bottle helps you integrate what you have learned.

  • G26 Alignment (Pale Coral / Diamond Clear)

    This bottle brings complete transparency to everything you have kept hidden in the depths of yourself so that you no longer have to try to be something or someone you are not.

  • G27 Unity (Diamond Clear / Diamond Clear)

    The diamond clarity and shine of this bottle is a mirror that reflects all your colours, all your beauty, all your infinite light. It is the clearest, truest mirror of who you really are and what you are about.

  • G28 New Dawn (Turquoise / Silver)

    This bottle radiates crystalline clarity, purity and simplicity. It takes you into a space of no thoughts, no limits and no baggage, where all your struggles and dramas can be accepted, dissolved and transmuted.

  • G29 Children of the Light (Silver / Turquoise)

    This bottle is for anyone who has ever found life on earth a challenge, struggled to express who they are or felt a deep inner yearning for ‘home’.

  • G30 Wisdom Keeper (Indigo / Silver)

    Let this bottle awaken your deepest, wisest self. Become your own wisdom keeper. You are your own best and truest guide.

  • G31 Galactic Gateway (Silver / Indigo)

    This bottle asks you to accept both your light and your shadow self so that you can return to balance. It is a gateway to higher dimensions and the wider mysteries of the universe.

  • G32 Garden of Light (Rose Pink / Silver)

    With the help of this bottle you can let go of trying to control your world and make it 'perfect' and find instead the hidden beauty in everything exactly as it is.

  • G33 Tree of Love (Silver / Rose Pink)

    This bottle is about being able to live in your truest state, where love is the foundation of everything. This is your call to inner mastery.

  • G34 The Gold Anchor (Pale Gold/Deep Magenta)

    This bottle's message is that you that you are already deeply connected to your authentic Divine self. Now is your time to move to a new level of empowerment and focus.

  • G35 The Platinum Anchor (Platinum/Deep Magenta)

    This bottle reminds you of the vastness of who you are and connects you with the star realms. It facilitates practical magic and helps you find peace.

  • G36 The Love Anchor (Coral/Deep Magenta)

    This bottle reminds you that you are a Divine being having a human experience. It is about completion and the new possibilities now available to you as you focus on letting in Divine love.


You will note that 3 of the images on the bottom row above do look very different to the other colour bottles. Maybe they just wanted to stand out because they work at a slightly different level? However, you are still going to be drawn to the colour bottle that is right for you, not necessarily one of those 3.

Colour Mirrors Essence bottles

  • Red Angel of Miracles & Prosperity

    Red Angel reconnects you to your zest for life and brings a burst of energy and power to help you with the practical aspects of your life.

  • The Red Dragon

    Red Dragon brings understanding, empathy and compassion into all situations where there has been anger. This essence teaches that you can never fight it right; you can only love it right.

  • Pink Angel of Love & Partnership

    Connects you instantly to the part of you that is all love and helps you see that love in others. Brings love into any situation.

  • The Pink Dragon

    This dragon gently shimmers into your life when you need to be reminded that only love exists and that it is time to play and not to be so very serious and adult all the time.

  • Rose Pink

    All the healing rays of love are incorporated in this spray. It is incredibly effective at rapidly shifting deep-rooted emotional trauma.

  • Opalescense

    This essence reminds you that you are vast and precious beyond belief. It helps soften and release resistance.

  • Coral Angel of Manifestation & Magic

    Coral Angel creates a safe space so that you can let go of control and go with the flow. Brings self-acceptance and self-love.

  • Coral Dragon

    Coral Dragon: Activates Divine feminine wisdom. Encourages self-acceptance. Supports in times of need.

  • Rose Gold

    This essence awakens your connection to the total embodiment of love, the Divine Mother of the Divine. To experience her love in its fullness is to come home.

  • Fire (Deep Orange)

    This essence is about initiation and reconnects you with your courage, creative power and passion.

  • Yellow Angel of Joy & Wisdom

    Helps you tune in with your inner wisdom and let go of fear. Great for focus and concentration.

  • Yellow & Gold Power

    This essence helps you reconnect with your power so that you no longer give it away to anyone or anything, including addictive behaviours.

  • Metal (Gold)

    This essence connects you with your ability to create magic and alchemy. It helps you to turn dark issues into light and transform problems into solutions.

  • The Gold Dragon

    Use this essence to activate your true power, your ancient wisdom and your ability to see clearly. Helps release judgement on what you have perceived as abuse of power.

  • Gold Angel of Ascension

    Expansive and powerful, this essence balances your solar plexus, connects you to your I AMness and strengthens your energy field.

  • Yeshua (Pale Gold)

    This essence reminds you of your commitment at this time to learn how to be love and nothing but love. This is the process and the journey, and this essence will light your way.

  • Buddha

    Buddha holds a sure and steady space for you, with a depth of wisdom and support that makes you feel completely safe.

  • Magic

    This spray, with its light, soft green and its golden shimmer, looks and smells like all our best memories of new things.

  • Wood (Olive)

    Relates to the liver meridian and helps you deal with unexpressed anger. Encourages a positive self-image and a more loving relationship with your body.

  • Green Angel of Healing, Trust and Harmony

    Green Angel opens you to a new space of trust and healing where you can create harmony in your life and disconnect from other people's dramas.

  • The Green Dragon

    This dragon brings in new beginnings and the energy of spring. He makes you feel safe when everything is changing and you are overwhelmed with anxiety.

  • Archangel Raphael

    Raphael brings kindness, compassion and nurturing into your life, especially when you are being hard on yourself.

  • Water (Deep Turquoise)

    A great support when you have been blocking your emotions. Helps you access your true feelings and brings you into flow.

  • The Turquoise Dragon

    This dragon holds the energy of the new era on earth. She helps you open your higher heart chakra and connect to the oneness of all life.

  • Blue Angel of Protection & Communication

    Blue Angel helps you relinquish control and speak freely. Whatever makes you feel separate from Source can now be let go.

  • Archangel Micheal

    Archangel Michael walks alongside you when you feel lost and brings loving comfort when you feel small.

  • Dolphin (Royal Blue)

    This essence is great to use when it feels like you need a friend. Use it to connect to the energy of the Dolphin, which brings playfulness and gentle loving support when you need it most. Reminds you to live each moment joyfully.

  • Indigo

    This essence connects you with your inner knowing and your inner voice and is particularly helpful for writers, strengthening your intuition and creativity.

  • The Royal Blue Dragon

    This dragon remembers your starry incarnations and reminds you of those lifetimes when you knew who you were and had not taken on your human smallness.

  • Archangel Gabriel

    Call on Gabriel if you are struggling or facing a gateway in your life and know that everything is on track.

  • Melchizedek

    I am Melchizedek, I am pure love and pure light. I am clarity and compassion. I judge nothing and no one. When you stand in my light, you can see as I see. You can see the perfection of creation and release all judgement.

  • Lilac Angel of Prayer & Forgiveness

    This angel guides and supports you in any situation and helps you release the past so that you can move forward.

  • The Lilac Dragon

    This dragon is the lightest of all - where light means the opposite of heavy as well as dark. She reminds you of the grace, purity and lightness of being you hold within your cells.

  • Violet & Magenta Soul

    This essence re-establishes your link to the power and light of your higher self. It helps you break free of limiting patterns and limited viewpoints.

  • Archangel Metatron (Deep Magenta)

    This is the essence of Divine love, bringing the Divine into everyday experiences and helping you release judgement. Excellent for bringing light into dark situations.

  • Platinum Angel of Oneness

    This angel helps you see the bigger picture, free yourself from emotional turmoil and create a beautiful reality with ease.

  • Clear Angel of Purity, Grace and Clarity

    This essence brings clarity to any situation and helps shift stuck energy.

  • Air (Clear)

    This essence lifts the energy so you can see the bigger picture. It connects you with the breath and opens you to trust and inspiration.

  • Diamond Unicorn

    This essence brings healing to everything in yourself that you have been too scared to face and reminds you that the only answer is love and compassion – for yourself and others.

  • The White Dragon

    White Dragon is wise and gentle, bringing clarity and lightness into heavy situations and supporting the process of grieving. She is the rainbow of hope after difficulties.

  • The Copper Dragon

    This dragon helps you release your judgements about the difficulties of being on the planet and being human. Very helpful for any form of energy healing.

  • Archangel Uriel

    This vast archangel helps you keep your feet on the earth even as you reach for the stars and reminds you what it means to be both infinitely light and deeply grounded.

  • Earth (Copper)

    Instantly grounding. Connects you with Gaia and helps your body feel safe so that your spirit is free to shine.

  • The Black Dragon

    This dragon represents death and rebirth. His gift is bringing light into the darkness and a reminder that there is a bigger picture.


Friends of the Colour Mirrors Bottles System

  • Moldavite

    Moldavite, like the stone it is named after, takes us beyond our human senses into a much more fluid, expanded universe. It opens us to the mystery of life beyond what we know with our mind and aligns us with the cosmic light we carry within. Moldavite transforms and transmutes, making it excellent for clearing and cleansing discordant energies. It also allows buried emotions to arise so that they too may be transmuted. It is also a great detoxifier, assisting us in shifting out old stagnant energy to allow for something much more resonant with who we truly are. Moldavite allows reconnection to our inner knowledge throughout all time and space. This essence supports us in awakening to higher consciousness, connecting us with “all that is” and always has been. Used together with Black Dragon and Silver this essence powerfully and swiftly dissolves discordant energies.

  • Sandalphon

    Known as the twin of the archangel Metatron, Sandalphon’s energy is joyful, grounding, celebratory and expansive. He rings with laughter, enabling us to see the funny side of life and not take anything too seriously. His golden light encompasses us, offering warmth and all-embracing love and reminding us that life was always meant to be joyful. He is very strong and helps us strengthen our inner core essence, soothing the central nervous system and allowing us be present in the here and now. Sandalphon has a deep connection with music and musicians and encourages us to appreciate the beauty of sound. He helps us to recognise that each of us has a unique note to play and that when we do so, we contribute to the whole. Without our particular note, the music would be incomplete.

  • Ruby Red (Deep Red)

    Jewel-like and rich, this essence offers us the feeling of being deeply settled in our bodies. It is both calming and restorative, centering us and bringing feelings of peace and stability. At the same time it is a powerful agent for change and helps us to embrace change in our lives with ease and grace. Ruby Red energises the electro-magnetic pathways within and around our bodies, opening our channels for deeper connection with Source. It is also a powerful support for clearing ancestral patterns and inherited issues.

  • Silver

    This essence is incisive, elegant and clarifying. It cuts through resistance and falsity, gently bringing us back to truth. It has the brightness of sparkling crystalline moon energy combined with the potency, alchemy and steeliness of silver metal. Silver helps release over-thinking and mind-based stress and assists us in transmuting all that we are truly ready to change. Silver is helpful in clearing ancestral beliefs and inherited behaviours. It enables us to connect with deeply held wisdom from within. Used together with Black Dragon and Moldavite this essence powerfully and swiftly dissolves discordant energies. Excellent for working with animals as this is a ray they recognise intimately and respond to. It carries the energy of ‘home’ for animals and for people who have a deep intuitive connection with animals.


Special Essences

  • Bliss

    This bright sparkling orange spray connects you with the deepest inner knowing that bliss is a possibility, a state you can actually experience in your life.

  • Peridot

    The 4th dimensional crystal heart of the earth lights up the hearts of humanity with its golden green glow.

  • Transcendence

    There comes a time when staying in the nest no longer serves your higher purpose and a leap of faith is needed in order to fly.