Time to pamper & nurture yourself – products made with love and kindness

Feel the beneficial effects of these fabulous Jasper Products, which are all made with love and kindness. They all make wonderful gifts and are great for stress and tension relief.

Jasper Bath/Body Salts

The bath salts contain Epsom Salts, Sea Salts and Himalayan salt crystals.  They are all designed to draw out toxins, lower stress-related hormones and balance your PH levels.  In addition, they also have the Gold Angel, Platinum Angel or Coral Angel healing as well.  Add to the mix organic coconut oil and essential oils and you get pure delight!

Great for exfoliating the body, detoxing and healing at the same time.  Leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft, refreshed and rejuvenated. All you have to do is pick which colour is right for you.

Jasper Fragrance Library Set

Experience this stunning Jasper Fragrance set, which can be easily carried around in a bag or briefcase. Alternatively, each one of these vials can be carried around individually and can be applied at any time. A lovely gift for anyone who could benefit from a “pick me up” or some love and support during the day.

Use any of these stunning fragrance roll ons at any time on your wrists or wherever you are drawn to.  Each with it’s own unique message, they provide a great “pick me up” as you connect with the love and support.  If there is any one of these fragrant colour bottles that you are particularly drawn to, why not then buy 100ml version of that same fragrance / colour?

Jasper Bath Oils / Body Lotions

These lovely Bath and Body Oils are made up with lovely Coconut oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils and Argan Oil.  Either use it in the bath as a sumptuous bath oil or apply after your bath as a body lotion. Each oil comes with it’s own unique message for you and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully rejuvenated, nurtured, pampered and beautifully soft!

Click on the bottle above or below that draws you and you will be taken to the product page.  You have a choice of 100ml body oil bottles above or a 30ml body oil spray below.

For your information, the sprays below are oil sprays and are not essence sprays and come beautifully packaged in their own box.