My Other Workshops

You might enjoy one of the many other workshops I have had the pleasure of running. Here below are just a few examples of courses and workshops I have organised in the past.  These are run every so often and upon request, so let me know if any of them interest you.

Law of Attraction


As you may have seen, my personal experience of the Law of Attraction and how it operates stems back over 23 years ago when the phrase “Law of Attraction” came into my psyche, as it did for many people around that time.

Since then, I have been teaching and training on the Law of Attraction.  Helping people to “remember” how it works and touching on the subject in pretty much all of my courses and workshops.

So what happens when you think positively but don’t get the results?

Come along to one of my Law of Attraction workshops and find out!  Not only do I explain how it works but also I help people to remove that energetic block that is in the way to them claiming their abundance and true Divinity!

Law of Attraction Workshop

“Wow!  What an evening it was last night!  I so thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found the work you did with that lady astonishing!”

  • As this is one of my areas of speciality, these workshops are great fun.
  • Pick a subject – money, relationships, career, life path and let’s run a workshop that will help you to clear those blocks and gain insights in your life.
  • You might suggest a general workshop on the Law of Attraction – exploring all aspects.  For example, what is it?  How does it work?  Why is it that it doesn’t seem to work sometimes? Where do these limiting beliefs and blocks come from?  Alternatively, you might want a specific workshop on any subject i.e. money.

“I went to a workshop of Priscilla’s at one of your Wellbeing Fayres and it was really quite inspirational”

  • This one day workshop will give you a thorough understanding of the Law of Attraction, how it really works and what you can do in your life to make those changes.
  • Often I will add EFT and Colour so that we can work on positive “Law of Attraction” results too.
  • Some workshops have involved working from a handbook and making notes.  Other times you might have been given a “hit list” of things to take away and work on.
  • Cost £150 for 1 day.

“Last night was AMAZING!  It’s absolutely amazing what you are doing.”

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Starchild Workshop

bottles 199

These workshops are amazing!  They give children the ability to get in touch with their innate gifts and talents.  Children love colour and for them it’s the opportunity to literally play with over 100 amazing colour bottles.  The wonderful thing is that whilst they are making lovely patterns with the colours, they are getting in touch with their special gifts.  The results are amazing.

For example, one child couldn’t swim and was scared of the water.  After the session, he swam confidently. Another child was “reading energy” and seeing colours.  It’s such a great opportunity for them to explore and the children just love it.

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dreams Analysis

Moon and stars

When you dream or let’s say when you remember your dream, it can be a great opportunity to gain some fantastic insights in terms of what you are “processing” at that time.  In other words, the patterning (programmes) from past events which are affecting you here and now.

When the patterning is in your conscious awareness, you are able to make sense of it and release that particular limiting behaviour.  This Dreams Analysis Course helps you to gain insights into your dreams and also guides you on the things to look out for when you dream.  A very interesting subject that people love to know more about!

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EFT “Taster” workshops – varying subjects

EFT tapping points

I have run many EFT workshops on various subjects – such as “Weight and body image”, “Relationship with food and eating”, “Abundance and the Law of Attraction”, “Manifesting your goals”, “Having more love in your life”, “Managing Time”, “Release of Grief”, “Tuning into your life path” and “Spiritual ascension and development” etc.

Whilst each of the workshops had their own subject matter, each of them introduced the technique of EFT and people were able to experience for themselves, the power and speed of EFT in terms of releasing old ways of thinking and being.
“I very much enjoyed your workshop on Saturday.  Thank you so very much for the attachment.  This is generous of you and very helpful to me at a personal level.”

  • Learn this simple, yet powerful EFT technique which can be used on yourself and others.
  • Speak to me about setting up a workshop on any subject of your choice and notice how you feel different at the end of the day.
  • This particular workshop is a taster workshop and is not part of an EFT qualification.  If you enjoy using EFT you can then, if you wish decide to learn EFT properly on one of my EFT Level 1 courses.
  • Feel the powerful effects of EFT in relation to the Law of Attraction and learn how it all fits together.
  • Cost £150 for 1 day.
Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Various Colour workshops

Colour is a fascinating subject and over the years, I have had the pleasure of running a number of different workshops relating to colour.

For example, focusing our attention on a particular “colour vibration” and exploring what that meant, how it made people feel and some of the positives and negatives aspects of psychology.

However, in all of the colour workshops – no matter what subject, we explore how colour is used to help to improve any area of your life.

There are a number of different types of colour workshops that I run – all focusing on different subject matter.  For example, there might be a workshop around food, body image, relationships, money or spiritual ascension.  It could be also on business or personal development.

“I was amazed by your presentation.  In fact, it absolutely floored me!  So, it was great to see something actually work…..and so effectively as well.  You are really onto something and I love it and felt humbled by it”

My colour evenings (with Law of Attraction) have attracted a number of different people in all walks of life.  They have been able to experience the power, directness and effectiveness of different colours and those people have continued their infinite journey with colour.

  • Connect with over 100 beautiful colour bottles which are on display for you to connect with.
  • Colour readings given and insightful ways in which to release those things from your life that are holding you back.
  • Colour is great fun and very popular.

“Just wanted to thank you for, yet again the most amazing weekend!  Enjoyed every minute – it was fascinating to see the change in everyone over the last six months.”

Colour is the one modality that can sit next to any other technique or complementary / alternative therapy.  So whether you are already a therapist and interested in colour or whether you would like to know more about colour generally, let me know.

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.