reiki2What is Reiki?

Experience the wonderful, relaxing system of natural healing called Reiki.  Feel as the energy “flow of life” / “life force” produces a sense of well being.

“Rei” means Universal and “Ki” means “Life force energy”. So as the energy flows through your body, your “Chakra” system / energy body / field is cleared from energetic blocks.

Therefore, your natural energy flow is resumed, producing a healing effect on your body.  So feel the relaxation and relief as the energetic blocks are released and dispersed.

Experience Reiki being performed either “hands on” or off your body. It’s very simple to use and is purely a healing energy transmitted from one person to another.  Feel your body drawing the energy in via the Reiki Practitioner and feel it intelligently flowing wherever it’s needed in your body.

So enjoy the healing transformation that Reiki brings. Feel more energy, a greater sense of well-being and a higher level of awareness.  Then release any stress or tension as you use the wonderful gift of Reiki on yourself or others.



My Reiki courses and workshops

So learn, remember and awaken your Reiki skills in this convenient location, The Positivity Centre, Burnham, Bucks.St Katharines Parmoorimage small

Set in the countryside, this venue provides the perfect place to relax, unwind and learn and experience “Usui” Reiki.

Enjoy the wonderful crystal shop there on location too where you can select your own Reiki crystals to enhance your skills further and benefit from this lovely healing effect of this amazing technique. 

Reiki Introduction, Beginners (with Colour) Course – Level 1 (1st Degree)

Start on your Reiki journey with this fun 1 day course.  Learn how to work with energy and all about Reiki – where it came from and what it is.

Teacher-trainingFeel the powerful amplifying effects when Reiki is used with colour.  So, as well as the basic Reiki syllabus, you will also learn how to use it with colour.  Experience a powerful “Colour attunement” which enhances your Reiki experience hugely.

Receive a comprehensive Reiki manual to take away with you which is yours to keep.  Refer to your manual any time and practise your new skills on your friends and family.

“I really enjoyed the beginner Reiki course with you. It was just what I was looking for! Thank you so much.  I learnt such a lot and loved the colour. I couldn’t wait to start using it! Thank you for the manual too – it’s really helpful!”

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Reiki Practitioner (with Colour) Course – Level 2 (2nd Degree)

So after you have completed your Level 1 Reiki, you are now ready for Level 2 Reiki Practitioner Course. Here you will take your Reiki skills to a whole new level.

Enjoy the experience of your Reiki attunement and working with your new symbols.  Use these symbols to amplify your Reiki energy.  In addition, enjoy your “Colour attunement” too which amplifies your Reiki, experience further!

As well as the attunements, explore what it is to be a Reiki Practitioner.  Learn more about the Chakras and enjoy practising your Reiki skills with the symbols.  Also learn how to create your own Reiki business or how to enhance it. This is a fun course and very healing too.  You will love it.

Then at the end of the course receive your Reiki Practitioner – Level 2 certificate and start using Reiki professionally.

“Wow, I’m just loving using Reiki.  People have said they feel different after I’ve used it on them. Thank you so much for the course – I loved it and am recommending you to others!”  

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Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course – Level 3 (3rd Degree)
With Colour, Crystals and Sound for Healing

So once you have qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and given your energies some time to settle, explore this next stage.  This is where it gets really interesting because we work more with energy, crystals, sound and of course colour.
Reiki colours, bowl, crystal board dowsers - smaller

So after recapping on the symbols you already have, discover some more.  Practise using and saying these symbols and explore your innate knowledge.

Then have fun playing with crystals and learning more about them. Learn more about energy work and the benefits of meditations.

Relax as you receive a Healing attunement and learn how to give one yourself.  Afterwards, receive your next Reiki attunement to the level of Reiki Master Practitioner.  Also enjoy the wonderful flow of energy whilst having your Colour attunement too.

By the end of this course, you will have Mastered being a Reiki Practitioner at advanced level.  You can then use your advanced skills and techniques with your clients.

” I have just completed Reiki Master Practitioner with Priscilla and would like to thank her for such an amazing time.  There was a lot to cover but there was still plenty of time for practice and clearing.  Priscilla as always makes the experience enjoyable as well as informative and you get a very detailed manual to take away with you”

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Reiki Master Teacher Course – Level 4 (4th Degree)

So you are already a Reiki Master Practitioner, the next stage is to teach it yourself.  This course is separate from Master Practitioner because different skills are required to be a Reiki Master Teacher.

Here on this course, enjoy learning how to teach others and attune your own Reiki students to the various levels of Reiki.  Feel supported as you gain all the tools and skills you need to be a Master Teacher.  Enjoy practising all the levels of “attunement” you will perform as a Teacher.  In addition, recap on all the levels of subject matter throughout each stage of the Reiki journey.

Reiki board and colour smaller

Teacher-training2 Discover what it is to be a Reiki Master Teacher and expand your awareness further as you are given your final Reiki and Colour attunements.

By the end of the course, you really will be the Master ready to set up your own training course.  Expand your own unique energy and style to share with your own Reiki students.

” I had a brilliant time on this course and it was great fun. I was given very detailed information which will help me with my students and on my Reiki courses.  If you are ready to take your Reiki experience to Master level, I would thoroughly recommend Priscilla. “

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Other “Energy” Workshops


As well as these Reiki courses, I run a number of other workshops which focus on “Energy”, “Colour”, “How to work with the energy body”, “The Chakra system”, “How the Chakras work together”, “Complementary colours and complementary Chakras” and “reading energy”.

So, wherever you are on your stage of your journey – introductory level or more experienced working with energies, there will be a workshop for you.

Contact me on the details below to find out more or enquire about one to one ascension / energy tuition. 

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.