G24 Reconnection (Pale Coral/Copper)

£40.80 incl. Vat

This bottle of coral over copper asks us to look at what it is to be physical on a physical planet and to feel that as one thing. If we can be fully in our physical bodies then we can also feel ourselves as part of Gaia and this reconnection helps us back into our bodies. We no longer need to go ‘out there’ to find God. We now look at our faces in the mirror and see our own divinity. We are Christed Humans on a fifth dimensional planet. She has always been that but has held herself in the third dimension waiting for us to catch up – because she loves us. Can you feel the reconnection when you own up to the fact that your Earth Mother has always loved and supported you? This can be a difficult bottle as whatever blocks us from accepting that we are Earth and God and therefore perfect will come up to be looked at and released. Every small part of us that we still think is not perfect will have to be looked at again and every part of God we still believe is guilty of having created a reality that has been painful will have to be re-examined and cleared so that we can be perfect God/humans on a perfect Earth.

The Earth Element helps us to lock that truth into our bodies in a way we have not been able to experience before.

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