Law of Attraction / Colour Evening – Find Out More

Law of Attraction / Colour Evening

This popular Law of Attraction / Colour Evening is held usually once a month and is based at The Positivity Centre, Nashdom Lane, Burnham, SL1 8NJ. It runs from 7.30pm until 9.30pm. It costs £30 (including VAT). For further details and to book please contact

“Thank you for creating such a magical space and for your intuition. Can’t wait till the next time :))”

Colour Law Attraction Evenings

This tranquil setting at The Positivity Centre provides the perfect backdrop for you to find your Soul connection at a deep and profound level.

In the summer, you can sit outside and meditate before the Law of Attraction / Colour Evening begins.  In wintertime, you will be welcomed into the stunning crystal shop with the most energising positive energies.

You will get the opportunity to meet with some amazing people to share experiences with. These like-minded people are also contemplating life and finding ways of making each day better than the one before!

Most of all – it’s about the Law of Attraction

In the Law of Attraction / Colour Evening you will remember and note how important it is to keep your vibration high.  This is because your vibration affects your life experience.

You will also gain a greater understanding of how the Law of Attraction works.  In addition, you will experience how to let go of what no longer serves you!colours 019

“Vibrations” are powerful emotions that you carry around and tune into in each moment.  So, what if you were “sending out” these vibrations without even realising?  Therefore, do you wonder why sometimes you might “get back” results that you are not wishing for?

Do you have something you would like to manifest, which you can’t seem to achieve?

Perhaps you are experiencing stress in your life, worrying about your financial situation?  Maybe relationships are not working out, you have family or issues with friends?

You might be yearning for a change in your life? Perhaps you want to move on but are worried about what other people will say?

If any of this is happening in your life, the chances are that you will be subconsciously holding yourself back at some level. However, it’s time to realise your true birth right – which is to live in joy!

So, come along to a Law of Attraction / Colour evening.  You might just find the answer you are looking for. 

Maybe you are just simply reaching out for a better life experience? This is the perfect evening to help you to find those answers within.

“I had a lovely evening, with magical energy!  Thank you”

During the Law of Attraction / Colour Evening, you are likely to gain many amazing insights. As a result, you will be able to make changes in your life as previous situations and events are unravelled.

It  really is quite a magical way of leaving the past behind, so that you can connect more fully to each living moment, which brings tremendous joy.

When you are in the moment – that’s where your authentic power is.  Therefore the Law of Attraction / Colour Evening will help you find ways of staying connected to you.

As you connect with what you would like to achieve in your life, you will find yourself amazed at the difference you feel.  Because of this, you will feel you can achieve your dreams in a much more real way.

“First of all I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our evening. It was a great experience and you made the evening really special!”

How does Colour fit in with the Law of Attraction?

During the Law of Attraction / Colour Evening, you will note how each colour, carries a specific vibration (frequency).  Therefore, when you connect with colour, you are also connecting with a vibration (emotion).  As a result, the colour helps you to release the vibrations you no longer need. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to have colour readings, gain insights and connect with over 100 stunning Colour Mirrors bottles. Here you will find out what they mean in context with your life.    

Each Law of Attraction / Colour Evening is very different, with each one taking on a life of it’s own.

Sometimes, you will have the opportunity to play with the colour bottles.  However, sometimes you will feel the power of colour through relaxing meditations.

Other energy techniques are also used to clear the cellular memory of anything that is in the way of your alignment with your true inner Self.colours 030

It’s in this place that you will find inspiration for your journey, gain valuable insights and answers and master the art of making your journey an awesome ride!

Whatever the Law of Attraction / Colour Evening brings for you, you are likely to feel very different by the end of the evening!  

Alternatively, contact me on the details below.

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