Purchase a Session or Product Voucher for Someone Special

Why not treat a loved one to a Session Voucher with me?

Alternatively buy a Product Voucher for them, so they can choose what they are drawn to.

The Vouchers are such a lovely gift and are in many ways the best gift you could give them.

If you want to buy a Session Voucher for someone special, they are going to have plenty of different types of sessions to choose from. Please see below.

  • Reiki Session – A wonderfully relaxing and pampering session.  The Client lays down on a therapy bed and enjoys this beautiful energy, connecting with some lovely essences. Great for stress relief.
  • Life Coaching (personal or business) – Working on any issues and helping the Client to achieve success.
  • Colour Reading – The Client chooses some colour bottles and arranges them in a pattern.  I then guide and explain what the bottles mean, pointing out key aspects in their life for their development.
  • Colour Session – Very powerful session where the Client can see their issue / problem in colour and work through it!
  • Regression therapy – This type of session is great for fear of flying, swimming or any other troublesome memory.
  • EFT session – I can teach the Client this wonderful and very powerful technique for them to use for themselves for any number of issues.  We can work on any specific issues in the session too.

For a Session Voucher, please click on the following link below:

Session Voucher

Alternatively buy your loved one, friend, colleague or family member a Product Voucher to redeem to the value of your choice.  They then decide which product on this website they would like.  For example they may be drawn to a Colour Oil or Essence bottle or perhaps bath salts and body lotions or any other products.

For a Product Voucher, please click on the relevant link below:

So a lovely idea for birthdays, special occasions and for relaxation – buy your Session or Product Voucher today.