Colour Mirrors Additional Colour Course – Find Out More

Colour Mirrors Additional Colour Course

The Positivity Centre, Nashdom Lane, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 8NJ

1 day course:  10am until 5pm ~ £180 (incl. Vat)

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This Colour Mirrors Additional Colour Course is a great opportunity for Colour Practitioners or anyone exploring colour at an advanced level.

On the course, you will learn about “complementary colours” and how to work with them.  You will deepen your colour exploration and connection with colour.

The Chakras and how they work

This Additional Colour Course will probably change your perception of how the Chakras work together.

When one Chakra is activated, then at least one other Chakra is activated at the same time (in most cases). Therefore if you are feeling a particular emotion which resides in a particular Chakra, other feelings may also be felt at the same time.  Why?  This course will explain why.

Additional Colour Course

You will gain some amazing insights in terms of how the Chakra system works as a whole.  In addition, you will also learn how the main in-body Chakras are activated together.

It may surprise you to learn that you already know all about colours and frequencies!  Well, this course will help you to remember at a very deep level what you already know.

Great for Colour Practitioners

If you are a Colour Practitioner, the knowledge you will gain will really enhance your colour readings. You can work much deeper with your Clients as you see “behind the scenes” what’s really going on.

This will help tremendously with your colour readings as you can provide your Client with a lot more in-depth information in the session.

On the Colour Practitioner Course, we explore in depth each of the colours.  However, we don’t get to explore the “complementary colours” very much but this Additional Colour Course fills the gap.

You don’t have to be a Colour Practitioner to attend though – it’s fun for everyone! 

This Additional Colour Course is informative, insightful and can be fun for anyone wanting to explore colour further. So, in order to get the most out of your one day course – just be open and go with the flow!

You will be sharing your experiences with other like-minded Souls and it’s very likely that you will find it extremely transformative.

Whether you are a Colour Practitioner or not, you will gain a deep understanding of how the Chakras and “complementary colours” work together.  In addition, you will also get the opportunity to practise these concepts and apply them to your life.  This means that you will find yourself energetically in a different place at the end.

The Additional Colour Course is a powerful way for you to explore and integrate the fun side of colour.  Using the simple workbook and doing mainly practical exercises, you will soon gain insights and feel joy within yourself.  This is because as you learn, you will raise and release old deep patterning by viewing through the complementary colour (which will be explained on the course).

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