Colour Mirrors Bottles


Colour Mirrors Bottles

Colour Practitioners and Colour Teachers who have trained with me, register and log in here for your special rate. If you haven’t trained with me, please contact me for more information.

Click on one of the Colour Mirrors Bottles you wish to purchase and you will be taken to another screen, which contains information on the bottle meaning and price.

It would be very tempting to purchase the bottle for the meaning.  However, it would benefit you far more to work intuitively and be guided to the bottle which you are naturally drawn to. Go for the bottle which jumps out at you or which may look larger and / or bolder!

Enjoy the process and TRUST that the bottle you are naturally drawn to is the perfect one for you!

Colour Mirrors Oil Bottles

You will note that 3 of the images on the bottom row above do look very different to the other colour bottles. Maybe they just wanted to stand out because they work at a slightly different level? However, you are still going to be drawn to the colour bottle that is right for you, not necessarily one of those 3.

Colour Mirrors Essence bottles

Rainbow Earth

These stunning Rainbow Earth bottles were channelled in by me when I kept seeing rainbows and light prisms everywhere.  They are are not part of the Colour Mirrors system but are “special order” bottles, so they may take a little while to come through.

Elemental Dragons

The Elemental Dragons arrived at the same time as the Rainbow Earth bottles.  These are also not part of the Colour Mirrors Bottles system and are available “special order”, so may take a little while to come through.