Colour Mirrors Colour and Numerology Course

Colour Mirrors Colour and Numerology Course

The Positivity Centre, Nashdom Lane, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 8NJ

1 day course:  10am until 5pm ~ £180 (incl. Vat)

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Numbers have a powerful effect on us (whether we realise it or not).  For example the number one (one is on it’s own) has a different meaning to three (as in many, more than one).  So we interpret meanings behind numbers.

Colour also has a very powerful effect on us as each colour carries a specific vibration our body understands.  For example gold might make us value our worth and pink may connect us to love.

When you put colours and numbers together, the results are fascinating, accurate and very powerful!!  So join me for my Colour Mirrors Colour and Numerology course.  It’s a fun course, practical and very insightful!

Learn how to do your own life path reading – your opportunities and potential

If you are a Colour Practitioner, you will learn to do life path / Soul readings.  You can do these for your Clients and also for friends and family members too.

However, you are welcome to attend even if you are not a Colour Practitioner.  You will also find it very interesting and fun as you practise life path readings.  You can then compare your life path reading to another person.  This can be either your partner, a relative, friend etc and look at the amazing connections the colours bring.

You will see what your name looks like in colour and therefore the vibration and energy you are “sending out” too.  Perhaps you will choose to use some of your life path colours in your logo?  You might also be able to advise others about the colour to use in their logos!

“Colour and Numerology was a fascinating course and so much fun!”

One fun thing to do is to “test” the colour vibrations of certain business names or personal name you are considering using.  Either way, this is a really fun, interesting and insightful workshop, which you can put into practice!

During the workshop, we will be working through a small manual as we explore the practical exercises and colour bottles.  You can take the workbook with you to refer to in the future also.

By the end of this Colour Mirrors Colour Numerology Course, you will have a good understanding of how a life path reading with colour works.

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