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Colour Parties – Presentations

Imagine an informal evening with your friends, a glass of wine and over 100  stunning Colour Mirrors oil and essence bottles!  What better way to gain an introduction to the wonderful and powerful world of colour?

Over the years, I’ve been asked to run a number of informal colour parties and also more formal presentations.   All have been very different in terms of general themes, number of attendees, venues and levels of exploration.

Colour Parties - PresentationsInformal Colour Parties 

For example, you could enjoy an informal and fun exploration of colour by having a colour party.

  • Based on a minimum of 5 people.
  • Tailor make your colour party / presentation requirements.
  • Agree costs (per person) depending on location, number of attendees and hours required.
  • Organise the venue and arrange the attendees. Then leave the rest to me.
  • So, enjoy your informal, light hearted evening and explore with colour any subject of your choice.
  • Choose your own theme.  For example “love and attracting the right man or woman” seems to be a popular one.
  • Explore how you can use colours and discover which ones are best to achieve results.
  • Enjoy a personal (private) colour reading or have an open one in your group.

So, what is a Colour Reading?

With over 100 stunning colour bottles, you have lots of choice.

  1. Start by selecting the Colour Mirrors colour bottle/s you are drawn to.
  2. Learn about what the colours mean.
  3. Therefore, discover more about your current “vibration”.   Colour is very powerful and identifies a lot about what you are presently experiencing. It doesn’t define you as a person, but merely shows you where your vibration is in this moment.
  4. Learn and remember more about what vibrations are.

So, experience the wonder of selecting that perfect bottle. It’s the one you were meant to connect with. You will soon see that it all happens for a reason and with amazing accuracy.

Then, as you learn about the bottle meanings, gain great insights into past, present and future events in your life that are connected with the theme of the evening.  In addition, explore the next clue on your journey and the means to achieve it!

  • Observe the change in feeling and perspective as you gain clarity.
  • Expect to feel different and gain insights by the end of the evening.  Have fun exploring.  The session will be what you make it.

Have a taster by clicking on the button below for a free colour reading.

Spiritual Development / Law of Attraction / Personal Development Talks

On the other hand, experience a more in depth spiritual development evening.  Experience the insights you gain as we explore the Law of Attraction (my speciality), spiritual development, personal development.  No matter what subject you wish to explore, let’s explore it with colour.

  • In the session we will explore your spiritual connection.
  • As we do, expect to gain amazing insights into your life path.
  • Experience more inner peace but also excitement as you are reminded of your journey.

So whether you want to explore a colour party or a more informal spiritual presentation, contact me on the details below. Let’s discuss it further.

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me