Elemental Dragon Workshop – More information

Elemental Dragon Essences Workshop

St Katharine’s Parmoor, Frieth, Nr Henley on Thames, RG9 6NN

1 day workshop:  10am until 5pm ~ £180 (incl. Vat) 


  • Earth Dragon helps your physical body go through a grounding process, whilst connecting you to your Divine light.
  • Air Dragon helps you to live more fully and enlightened, as opposed to just existing.
  • Fire Dragon helps you to transform your way of having the same things happen over and over. It re-routes your thought processes, giving you a whole new outlook.
  • Water Dragon helps your emotional body flow by releasing stuck or blocked emotions.
  • Metal Dragon is very transformative and helps you dig deep for your true value and worth.  It finds that light within.
  • Wood Dragon is great for supporting and re-creating the physical body and it also refreshes and clears the cells from old programming.

Give your mind and body a boost

The “Elementals” work with your body at various different levels.  However when you add in a “Dragon” energy, then you amplify your experience with these bottles.  A Dragon energy is basically a powerful “action” and Higher vibrational energy.  It provides a bit of a spark, to say the least. The essences therefore, are great for jump-starting, supporting, creating and holding the body on this amazing journey of Self-discovery.

Feel the Magic of these playful but powerful essences

Knowing the meanings behind these delicious essences is one thing.  However, feeling their support and light is another.

So as you connect with these lovely energies, be transported into another realm of connection with your true potential. Here you will feel, see and realise your potential at a deeper level than ever before.

When you feel the support of the lovely energies, it’s easy to connect with your Higher Self. Therefore feel the joy of that connection as you release old ways that don’t bring you joy. Instead, you will find yourself with a sense of knowing as you connect to that magical part of you.

Therefore I invite you to discover more about these fascinating essences as we engage in a series of playful exercises, colour meditations and mindful exploration and relaxation.

As you do so, experience for yourself the connection with your True Self / Higher Self as they powerfully and gently support your body.

In addition, you will experience a lovely but powerful transformation as you move to a higher level of consciousness.  So, let the essences “hold the space” for you whilst they communicate directly with the intelligence of your body.  This in turn, tunes you into the Divine light that you are!

By the end of this workshop, you are likely to feel quite different.

So, if you would like to know more, contact me on the details below.

Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me smile@priscillaelliott.co.uk