3. Rainbow Earth – Beauty (Copper / Blue)

£43.20 incl. Vat

This is a special order bottle and may take a little while to come through.

If you are drawn to this bottle, you are becoming aware of the power of your voice and of the spoken word.  Everything you speak of carries a vibration which then sets into motion the creation of your reality around you!

You are learning now to set the intent to speak only of what you want to create in your life and pretty soon, you will see your reality being spoken into being.

Words, thoughts, beliefs and emotions are all vibrations and the vibrations you offer to the Universe in any of those forms – you WILL receive back!  If you can get your words, thoughts, beliefs and emotions all into alignment – then what you speak of comes to you faster.

The unique quality in this bottle is it's beauty, contained in the blue.  Like a jewel in the sea, your calmness, serenity and powerful light of tranquillity presents itself in a very gentle but present way. It's just there, just being, just radiating it's beauty and light.

So feel this stunning blue light activating wonderful, positive feelings in your throat.  As the crystalline Rainbow light moves further into your body on it's journey, you become aware of speaking and creating only beauty around you.  The words that come from you are peaceful, loving and of high vibration.

In the highest of intention, you feel completely comfortable speaking your truth of your experience, without getting stuck in the story but instead you tell of the marvellous manifestations and creations you are enjoying in your life as a result of your transformation and connection.

The beauty you feel inside only enables you to see and speak light to others and as you connect with them, sharing your unique note and tone, they recognise who you are!  The world is waiting – you have so much to offer!  Speak your stunning reality into being in beauty and light but really feel it too!


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