4. Rainbow Earth – Sparkle (Copper / Green)

£43.20 incl. Vat

This is a special order bottle and may take a little while to come through.

If you are drawn to this bottle you are setting the intent to open your heart fully and let go of any old negative attachments to love and to life.  When you manifest amazing and positive things in your life, you do so through the heart.

Imagine now, the Rainbow light travelling into your heart and getting you in touch with your inner sparkle.  Feel, as the light unhooks past relationships and attachments and feel them just flowing away.

This stunning emerald green crystalline energy enhances your experience of feeling the Rainbow inside.  The soft, warm effervescent light fills you with loving life force energy as it makes it's way into your heart as you nurture and enjoy your Earth experience.

Here the emerald light allows you to literally feel the vibration of the breath as you choose life, living in the moment and creating through your heart energy.  No more “existing” – now it's time to live and get back to your sparkle!  Here you observe, in the stillness and wonder of nature and connect with every aspect of life around you.

As you meander through your journey with unexpected flow and without attachment to lower vibrations, this bottle takes you on a ride of magnificence, flowering, growth and expansion into your true “Self”.

Let the sparkle of the green and copper light show you this new way to be, which is open, loving and all embracing.  Your true essence and truest state is to explore and search for new ways to expand and grow all the time, so don't fight it, allow your heart to blossom and know how loved you are.

This is where you feel love and only love – because nothing else exists in the truth of this sparkling light.  Sparkling love is who you truly are and if love is who you are, then it is all you can attract!


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