7. Rainbow Earth – Energy (Copper / Red)

£43.20 incl. Vat


This is a special order bottle and may take a little while to come through.

If this is the magical bottle you are drawn to, it means you are really ready to receive “heaven on earth”; in other words, to be able to receive and live in the abundance of flow.  This is where you set the intent to play only with happy energies in your life.

My Rainbow wish for you is that the colours in this bottle put you in touch with the awesome energy that you are!

As the Rainbow light unlocks and expands the lowest main “in-body” chakra, the ruby red light twinkles mischievously in the knowing that you are completely limitless, infinite and vast and that you are capable of anything you turn your point of attention to.

Here you manifest magnetically and you are encouraged and lovingly supported to live each precious moment with passion, wealth, abundance of only high vibrations, which create excitement and joy in your material world.

Imagine that Rainbow light coming in through the top of your head and through your central core.  As the rainbow light flows through the base chakra, it takes with it all old patterns, emotions, beliefs and feelings that have not been joyous and harmonious.

Become aware of the beautiful ruby red light holding and supporting you and the stunning copper helping your body to feel safe enough to release the old habitual ways of doing things.

What you can now get in touch with is a magical connection between the light within – the part of you that's always been there and the Rainbow light coming in.  In that moment you observe the world around you and you wonder “how much better can it be”?

You then focus your attention purely on what you want and allow the lower thoughts of what you don't want to dissolve away peacefully in the sparkling ruby light with love.

Make your world limitless, with infinite possibilities, exciting and fun, oozing out for all to see and share!  You belong here – it’s what you came here for!

You can achieve ANYTHING – remember who you are and enjoy the ride – it's awesome!  Just like a Rainbow which starts on Earth, it arches and magnetises back to Earth again – so make your life magnetic and attract and create only what brings you abundance and synchronicity and happiness!


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