Air Dragon

£43.20 incl. Vat

This is a special order bottle and may take a few weeks to come through.

The essence of Air Dragon acts as a strong, supportive energy on your ascension journey and which also beautifully compliments the Rainbow Earth bottles.

As your vibration ascends and you connect with Air Dragon, you become aware of a very deep and strong grounding in your body but with a breath of fresh air, enabling you to move, grow and flow into the light of higher dimensions.

The element of Air cannot be seen but you can see the effect that air or wind has on other things, so it becomes somewhat of an enabler, allowing you to shift from old patterning, moving freely, lifting your spirits with each breath you take, rather than just existing.

Feel the full force of this essence in your body which activates body elementals, altering your cellular programming both in and outside of your body in your electro-magnetic field.  You are ready for change and cannot be pinned down as your energy ebbs and flows towards increased light.

There is an increased flow of energy that your body directly understands and the expansion and movement of the true you in body form is the process that is occurring.

As your vibration increases you become more aware of the illusion of the old way of being, of thinking and of doing that you had been surrounding yourself with until now.  However, your body is ready for movement so you breathe in the new and just allow yourself to be, to move, to flow, to ride on air whilst being completely grounded by the Dragon energy that your body knows so well.

What cannot be seen in the pale yellow-golden light element of Air, the body can experience in a way that has never been felt before.  Change is occurring!

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