Colour Mirrors Kids – Chakra Set

£48.00 incl. Vat

The Colour Mirrors ‘Kids’ mini sets are a must-have for parents, teachers, therapists and anyone needing to connect with their inner child!

They are made up of the same 8 mini roll-on bottles as the mini Chakra sets for adults but with an additional super colour cardboard sleeve to appeal to kids.  There is also information on the back about which emotion each of the bottles relates to for a quick, handy guide for kids and their parents or teachers.

Children relate instinctively to colour and often respond quickly and positively to the energies of the bottles. They can choose whichever colour is calling them most then roll the oil directly from the bottle into hands, palms, feet or on to the body. Small and portable they are ideal for beside the bed, popped in a school bag or for a bath-time treat.

This mini set of coloured bottles are a great way to re-introduce kids to colour and make it fun!


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