Fire Dragon

£43.20 incl. Vat

This is a special order bottle so may take a few weeks to come through. The energy in this bottle is excellent to use in Feng Shui activities.

When you connect to Fire Dragon, you are speaking of action, of movement, of passion and of a primal urge to transform your life.  This is a very powerful energy and the Fire combined with the Dragon energy ensures that you use the energy wisely and in perfect balance, as it links directly with your courage and creative flow.

Whilst the Dragon energy keeps you grounded on your ascension journey, the Fire elemental gets things moving and the combination of the two energies mean that you will be called to action your desires, your goals and your dreams with increased energy.

There is something mysterious about the energy of fire as it burns away the old in a mesmerising vibrant orange flame.  As it does so, it transmutes you into the new with tremendous warmth and light.  It takes you through a massive transformation where your love of life and ascending vibration cannot be stopped.

This is a very joyous, creative and gregarious energy that quickly moves and communicates directly with your body and auric field, strengthening the electro-magnetic pathways in and around your body and in your neural pathways in the brain.  The result is a feeling of personal strength and power to carry you forward into new ways of being and enlightenment and an explosion of excitement and ideas to put into action.

The Fire Dragon gets you moving in a way you won't have experienced before and you won't need a “fire under your belly” when you connect with Fire Dragon as your vibrant life force will be there for all to see and feel!

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