Fragrance Library

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Please note:  this is a special order product and may take a little while to come through. 

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This wonderful “Jasper Fragrance Library” consists of 8 x stunning “roll on” bottles, all different colours and all with their own wonderful fragrances and healing properties (numbered #1 to #8)…..all made with the most positive of intentions, love and kindness.

So by purchasing this Fragrance Library set, you can just select any one of these bottles that you are drawn to and roll the oil onto your wrists, behind your ears or wherever you are drawn to use it.

Each wonderful mini bottle has it’s own very special meaning and you can read about the meaning, colour and wonderful fragrance in the handy enclosed leaflet which you get with the set.

The bottles set or even individual bottles can easily be slipped into a briefcase or handbag and used as a type of soothing remedy set to get you “back to you” so that you can make the most of your day.

If you absolutely love one of the bottles in particular, it can be made up for you as a 100ml body oil, which can be used in it’s own right as a bath or body oil or as part of the 2 stage detox and replenish system after using the Jasper bath salt / scrub.

Again, a fabulous gift for yourself as it’s time to pamper yourself……or for friends and family members too.

Each bottle is 8 cm high, approx 1 1/2 cm diameter and the full set is 17 cm across and 9 cm high.

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