Water Dragon

£43.20 incl. Vat

This is a special order bottle so may take a few weeks to come through.  The energy in this bottle is excellent to use in Feng Shui activities.

Feel the mutable turquoise flow of the Water Dragon as it puts your body in touch with the deep emotional cellular patterning and washes away the old layers of subconscious limiting beliefs and lower emotional vibrations sitting beneath the surface in your emotional body.

The result is the powerful feeling of fluid movement, the ebb and flow of change and a knowing that you cannot stop or fight the constant flow and regeneration of Self on your ascension journey……so you might as well enjoy it!

As your vibration increases, you connect to the intelligence and frequency of the Dolphin and Whale energies which takes you into an ancient dimension of reality.  Here, let Water Dragon invigorate you as it lifts old blocked, static energies into conscious awareness for acceptance, understanding and washing away in a shower of powerful turquoise dragon light.

See and feel the blocked and stuck energies (emotions) lifting from your body as the Water Dragon makes you feel solid and secure in ever moving currents of energy.  As you are mainly water based, Water Dragon communicates directly with the intelligence of your physical and emotional body to nurture and provide sustenance to your physical form.

Here you can gain amazing insights into your journey as you observe from different standpoints and you see things from a greater perspective of light, in the same way that water can be experienced in many different forms.

Feel refreshed as you bathe in this shower of turquoise and golden light and tune into your Higher Self flow of consciousness.  Water Dragon will take you there as you play and ride the waves!

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