Wood Dragon

£43.20 incl. Vat

This beautiful Wood Dragon leads the way and directs your body through the ascension process as it helps to release old stagnant (like a pond) blocked, stuck and unexpressed energies from your body which can become toxic if they build up and don't move.

This frequency directs the liver meridian, the release of toxins and the formulation of energy and how it is used around the body.  In the same way, Wood Dragon helps your body to transform lower vibrations with ease and flow as you reach the next level of ascension with increased energy and vitality.

It is at this stage that your body can carry higher levels of light energy and release the pressure of the old unexpressed patterning.  When you connect with Wood Dragon, you are ready for change, hope, new beginnings and all sorts of possibilities lie ahead for you on your journey.

Just like the wood of an ancient Oak tree, the Wood Dragon brings back your inner Earth wisdom and the ability to look at things with a new and invigorated look at life.   This energy is all about connecting with the truth of who you are and new beginnings.  Your body understands that there is no need to go through destructive patterning to start again as you are and always have gone through new beginnings (even though you may not have realised it).

As you get in touch with your strength and flexibility, your ancient light wisdom and multi-dimensional state, change becomes easier and easier and you move effortlessly through the ascension process and raising of your vibrations in physical form.

The Wood Dragon becomes your trusty companion as you come out towards the light, like a stunning new green baby shoot, a fresh start, a growth with the highest of intent, seeing the bigger picture and another raise in your level of consciousness.  Integrating ancient knowledge, peace harmony and intuition as you master, carry and direct your light to create a wonderful new Earth experience way beyond your previous Earth experience and imagination.

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