Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course – Level 3


Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course – Level 3 (3rd Degree)
with Colour, Crystals and Sound for healing

St Katharines, Parmoor, Frieth, Henley on Thames RG9 6NN

2 day course: 10am until 5pm ~ £420 (incl. Vat) 

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    • This is where the Reiki journey gets really interesting.  You will already have attended your Reiki level 2 course and be ready for the next level.
    • On this Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner – Level 3 course, you will improve your Reiki skills. Also you will get to work more with Reiki energy, crystals, sound and of course colour. However, it’s really about mastering the way you use your Reiki skills.
    • If you are already a Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner, you are welcome to attend this level again.  It’s likely that you are still going to be learning new skills.  You will also get your additional Colour Attunement, which you won’t have experienced before.

New and Interesting Things to Learn About Energy

    • We start with a re-cap on what you already know from your Reiki Practitioner – Level 2 course. In particular, we re-explore the symbols you use, your Reiki skills and knowledge you have gained so far.

    • As your innate knowledge rises to the surface, you will be given 3 more advanced powerful symbols to work with.
    • Connect with those new symbols, then practise writing and expressing the energy of those symbols.
    • Your next level Colour attunement will further enhance your experience of harnessing and working with your Reiki energy.Also on this Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course, we explore the Healing attunement process, which you will experience yourself and then learn to give to others.

Reiki colours, bowl, crystal board dowsers - smaller

  • Experience the power of Reiki mixed with colour.  It’s a wonderful and a very powerful combination!
  • When you combine Reiki energy with colour, your energy body communicates through the colours of the Chakras.
  • This is why the energies are so much stronger with colour!
  • So, as well as working with Colour, have fun as you create a crystal grid and find out more about how to power up your very own Reiki crystal board.
  • Work with crystals and learn how to charge up and use them for amazing effect!
  • Throughout your Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to to consolidate your Reiki knowledge. You will also get opportunities to experience as you practise using Reiki in different ways as we explore together.
  • Discover why meditation is important for wellbeing.  Learn more about the benefits of meditation and be taken through powerful guided meditations.  Also learn why grounding and the affect of sound is so important too.
  • Receive and enjoy a Healing attunement which is a wonderful experience.

“Wow, that Reiki Practitioner Master course was such good fun and so very powerful too!  Thank you for being an amazing teacher and for a brilliant time and reminding me of what I already know lol!  I think I’ve found my calling! 🙂 !!”

  • Discuss and explore “Aura” clearing, self healing, how to assist people in stress and Clients who approach you with more complex issues.
  • Finally, at the end of the course, you should feel more relaxed, confident and competent whilst using Reiki on yourself and your Clients.
  • You will receive your Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Certificate – Level 3.  You will also take away with you, your Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course Manual, which you can explore further in your own time.
  • You will have mastered Reiki at an advanced level and be able to use your new advanced skills and techniques with your Clients with ease and grace.
  • One to one tutoring is available for your Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course at an additional cost. Please contact me for further details.
Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me

So what next?  After your Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner Course, you can then learn to be a Reiki Master Teacher and have your own students to teach if you are drawn to it. 

Being a Master Teacher involves a completely different skill set to a Practitioner.  This is why I’ve split the Teacher’s course and called it Level 4. However this Reiki Advanced Master Practitioner course prepares you well at Advanced Master Practitioner level, making the Master Teacher level so much easier!!