Reiki Course – Introduction, beginners Level 1


Reiki Introduction, Beginners (with Colour) Course – Level 1 (1st Degree)
St Katharine’s 
Parmoor, Frieth, Henley on Thames RG9 6NN

1 day course: 10am – 5pm ~ £192 (incl. Vat) 

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When you start on your Reiki journey, this is the course to begin with.  Why?  Because this course is unlike other Reiki Courses.  Here you will experience Reiki with the lovely Colour Mirrors and Rainbow Earth bottles.

  • Feel the amplified effects of adding colour to your Reiki skills.
  • Set in the stunning grounds of St Katharine’s Parmoor, it will be like attending a retreat for a day.St Katharines Parmoorimage small

Reiki Is So Simple To Use 

    • Reiki is an amazing “healing” energy technique and it’s so simple to use too.  You will learn all about where it came from and how it came about.

Reiki 1 - just colour - smaller

  • Master the technique of using Reiki and get to know how to use it with others.
  • Enjoy learning more about the “Chakras” and “Chakra System” and also about what each Chakra does.  You will gain an understanding of the colours which relate to emotional and physical issues.
  • Experience Chakra balancing and how to use pendulums and perform dowsing.

Many thanks for such an amazing experience!  It was lovely to meet other like minded people who were on their journey just like me and to learn such a lot in a short space of time!”

  • Experience channelling and exploring the different layers of the Auric field.

Experience Your Powerful Reiki and Colour Attunement

  • Relax as the necessary adjustments are made to your energy pathways and “Chakra system”. This is called the “Attunement” process and will attune your body to a higher vibration.  Learn all about that on the course.
  • As well as your Reiki attunement, you will also receive a “Colour attunement”.  This “Colour attunement” is not covered in normal Reiki teachings.Teacher-training-2015-035
  • The Colour Attunement is different to a Reiki attunement. The Colour attunement takes your vibration higher still. You will feel the Reiki flow in a much more amplified way.
  • Both attunements are powerful though and given with the highest of intent.  They are very enjoyable processes.
  • Afterwards, you will be able to “channel” the Reiki energy through your body.  You can then either use it for yourself or pass it onto others for healing.
  • You will get to practice different hand positions to feel the energy flowing.  We will also work “off body” too, using the Reiki energy outside the body.
  • After the course, you will be encouraged to keep practising your Reiki.  This will help and strengthen the flow of Reiki energy you are using.  It will also give you great experience using it on your friends, family and yourself.
  • One to one tutoring for this Reiki Course – Introduction is available at an additional cost. Please contact me for further details.
  • At the end of your Reiki Course – Introduction, you will receive your Reiki Level 1 Certificate. You will also be given your comprehensive Reiki Level 1 manual to take away with you to read through and explore in your own time.
Call me on 07540 532259 / 0333 335 3617 or email me
  • Maybe after this Reiki Course – Introduction, you will even consider the next step.  Perhaps you will want to use Reiki professionally?  To do this, you can attend the Reiki Practitioner course – Level 2. If so, let’s discuss the next step.

Reiki is a wonderful and very simple technique.  It can be combined with pretty much any complementary therapy.  It is an easy to use but a very effective “healing tool” which is great to add to your portfolio.

So use it with your massage work, EFT, Colour Practitioner or other energy work.  I’m sure you will find it hugely beneficial for you and your Clients.  If you are completely new to energy work  – then you will just love it anyway!!