Reiki Master Teacher Course – Level 4


Reiki Master Teacher Course – Level 4 (4th Degree)
St Katharine’s Parmoor, Frieth, Henley 
on Thames, RG9 6NN

2 day course:  10am until 5pm ~ £576 (incl. Vat) 

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  • To attend this course, you will need to have attended the Reiki Advanced (Master) Teacher Course and will have had some experience of giving a “healing attunement”.
  • If you haven’t previously trained with me or if you wish to attend this course again as a refresher, you are welcome to do so!  It’s always a great idea to recap on your knowledge and refresh your skills.
  • Therefore, you will find it beneficial to attend again, as you explore higher level energies, at a much deeper level and with Colour too!
  • However, whether you are a beginner at this level or attending this level again, this is a fun course.  At the end, you will have the necessary skills to use with your own Reiki students to a high level.
  • So, in order to get you prepared for working with your own Reiki students, we recap your Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner knowledge, skills and practise.

Are You Ready For The Next Stage?

  • From here on, it gets even more interesting as you take a step up. Feel the power of your Reiki techniques combined with crystals, sound, colours and symbols.  As you practise your Reiki skills, you will be setting the stage nicely for the Teacher’s part of the Course.
  • As you then make the transition from Reiki Advanced (Master) Practitioner to Master Teacher, you will feel the shift in your skill set. So, therefore, your Reiki journey to the next level will have begun!
  • Reiki colours, crystals and sound bowl - smallerTo be a great Reiki Teacher you need to be open to the constant flow of learning, exploring infinite concepts.  You also need to be able to experience the techniques, symbols and skills yourself.
  • In addition, you also need to be able to clearly communicate with people at all different levels of understanding. This enables you to effectively share your wisdom and knowledge with others.  Whenever you do this, you will be tuning into that inner part of you who has all the answers, so don’t worry about remembering things!
  • As well as experiencing the attunement process yourself, you will also experience giving attunements to others.  This involves practising these skills until you can achieve attunements confidently.
  • You will also be presented with additional Master Teacher symbols to use and practice.
  • As you connect to your Higher Self, you will participate in lovely deep meditations, strengthening your “inner connection”.

“I cannot begin to express how wonderful I feel after this Master Teacher course.  My confidence in my ability to teach others Reiki has grown enormously.  Thank you so very much for a wonderful time, for being so supportive and a fantastic facilitator who has allowed me to empower myself! Wow – what a difference 2 days can make!”

  • Experience the Violet breath, healing attunements, distance attunements.
  • You will also be given some more powerful Colour attunements to enhance and empower your experience as you practise giving attunements to others.
  • Discuss teaching concepts, the structure of your Reiki courses and how to support your Reiki students.  Also how to give demonstrations, attunements and help your students get the most from your Reiki courses.

Magical, Yet Practical

  • This is a magical and yet a practical workshop, which increases your level of consciousness. However, it really does take you to a whole new level, which is exciting, fun and which you will enjoy!
  • At the end of this course and included in the price, you will be provided with two manuals; your comprehensive Teachers Manual and your Attunement Manual.  You can explore both further in your own time.
  • Whilst you will be guided to produce your own manuals for your students, with your own unique energies, your Attunement Manual will be a fantastic reference document to refer to.  You can use this (or your version of this) when you are giving and Teaching Attunements to your own students.
  • One to one tutoring is available for your Reiki Master Teacher Course at an additional cost. Please contact me for further details.
  • Finally, when you have successfully completed this course, you will receive your Reiki Master / Teacher certificate.  You will now be able to get started organising your own Reiki Courses and Workshops. What fun you are going to have!
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It gives me so much pleasure to share these wonderful skills and techniques with Reiki students. I hope you have as much fun as I do when I’m teaching.  Helping you to remember what you already know and who you truly are!  Join me for your Reiki refresher courses any time and enjoy your continued journey into the wonderful world of Reiki!